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Fassbinder’s Martha

Margit Carstensen and Karlheinz Bohm in Fassbinder’s Martha (1974). A little trivia: Karlheinz Bohm (1928-2014) was the son of famous Austrian conductor Karl Bohm (1894-1981), who was known for his great interpretations of Mozart, among other things. “Martha” is one of Fassbinder’s best films, although I must confess it is difficult for me to single … Continue reading

I have never written about television shows on my blog, but after seeing a Columbo episode recently, I could not pass up the opportunity to write something about it.  The episode in question is “Etude in Black,” made in 1972.  It tells a story of a famous conductor, Alex Benedict, who kills his mistress (a … Continue reading

Boogie Nights Revisited

Saw Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights (1997) recently. It was a second time I’ve seen it but it was a while ago, so it felt like a brand new viewing. Excellent film, no doubt about that.  For those of you who do not know the film, it deals with the rise and fall (ummm…really no … Continue reading