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I have never written about television shows on my blog, but after seeing a Columbo episode recently, I could not pass up the opportunity to write something about it.  The episode in question is “Etude in Black,” made in 1972.  It tells a story of a famous conductor, Alex Benedict, who kills his mistress (a … Continue reading

Boogie Nights Revisited

Saw Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights (1997) recently. It was a second time I’ve seen it but it was a while ago, so it felt like a brand new viewing. Excellent film, no doubt about that.  For those of you who do not know the film, it deals with the rise and fall (ummm…really no … Continue reading

The Original Vamp

Recently, I ordered three silent films.  One of them was A Fool There Was (1915) directed by Frank Powell and produced by William Fox.  It stars Theda Bara, an actress that is part of that category of “Vamps and femme fatales.”  It was in fact Bara’s role in A Fool There Was that started and … Continue reading