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Boarding School Horror Stories

Let’s make this clear right from the beginning: it isn’t easy to make a film about young girls, stuck in a boarding school, with a sadistic headmistress, trying to figure out the meaning of life, while learning about “lit-ra-chure” and also dreaming about losing their virginity.  Perhaps some of this may apply to young boys … Continue reading

Porn Nouveau

Lars von Trier’s film Nymphomaniac is about to open in theaters.  I know nothing of it, except that it is sexually graphic/pornographic (is there a difference?), as indicated in The Guardian article.  This is not surprising.  Von Trier has been crossing the line between “art cinema” and pornography for quite some time.  In his Antichrist … Continue reading

Addictive Darkness

There have been many articles on the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman just in a few days following his death.  It ranges from quick facts of his death, to ruthless comments by random people to political explication, and so on.  For the most part, what we find are moral judgments. I don’t really want to … Continue reading

Master of Suspense

It has been months since I wrote anything about any films whatsoever!  It’s quite depressing, if you ask me.  Luckily, and thankfully, I did not stop watching movies – now that would be worse than depression – that would constitute a complete and utter lack of meaning of life! I will be getting back into … Continue reading


These days, it’s hard to put words together, it’s been hard to write anything meaningful and coherent.  So I offer these three photographs of a full moon, taken last night at midnight.  I shot about 100 photos, and about 10 turned out well.  It was a beautiful experience…patience and silence and darkness and light.  No … Continue reading